Industrial Installations

The most important sector in which the projects carried out by this Company stand out is the construction of industrial facilities for cement manufacturing, a sector in which it is the Spanish benchmark for project development capacity, innovation in new construction processes lines or modification of existing ones and commitment to achieve the client’s objectives, having made all kinds of Projects in practically all Spanish cement factories, well integrated into the general basic design team (POLYSIUS, FLS, STHIM MACHINERY, IBAU, etc. .) or acting directly on behalf of the Property.


Cement Industry has been the most specific area where the company has been present since the beginning.
Throughout its professional life, the Company has actively contributed to the evolution of the cement industry in Spain:
– From 1970 to 1978: the cement industry takes off, with an increase of more than 15 million tons per year of the Spanish production capacity. This is the period where new factories or new lines in existing factories are built.
– From 1978 to 1982: the factories become more efficient. Several mill modification projects are carried out, along with the installation of preheater towers and precalciners systems.
– Years 1980: change of the combustion systems because of the oil crisis. Coal mills and storage facilities are built in most of the Spanish factories.
– Years 1990: energy efficiency improvement and diversification of finished products. Separators and roller press mills are built as well as different types of silos.
– From 1992 to 1996: environmental awareness leads to several improvements. Most of the open or in hall clinker storages are replaced with big capacity silo systems.
Throughout all those stages, the Company has been responsible for most of the design of all the Projects carried out in Spain, gaining a total knowledge of the all
the processes and equipments involved and constantly updating the designs according to the most efficient structural and architectural typologies.
At the same time, the Company found opportunities abroad where it has started and increased its activity, and carried out projects in Portugal, Lebanon, France, Italy, Honduras, Guatemala, Philippines, Latvia, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Mauritania, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay, Argentina, USA, Ukraine, Namibia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Benin, Australia, Peru, Indonesia, Colombia and Bolivia.
Depending on the main Contract features, our clients are both the cement plant owners or investors, or the suppliers of mechanical equipment.



TThroughout its professional life, the Company has actively contributed in the development of the steel industry in Spain, specifically in the Factories of Integral steel in Aboño and Veriña (ARCELOR-Asturias) and SIDERÚRGICA BALBOA in Badajoz.


In recent years, MSFPA has seen an increase in participation in the mining
sector, both in Basic and Detailed Engineering of different Structures, and in thepreparation of Technical and Inspection Reports. 


Within the Energy Industry this Company has developed Construction Projects for renewable energy plants (biodiesel, solar, etc.) and new installations at conventional generation plants.


TThis Company has developed important Construction Projects within the food industry, from complete factories (HARINERA CANARIA in Las Palmas,
HARINERA VILAFRANQUINA in Els Mojons, Malting Plant in Sevilla for INTERMALTA) to partial installations (Packing Centre of AZUCARERA EBRO in
Benavente, Malt Silo in DAMM – La Moravia).


Within the construction projects and installations of the heavy industry, especially in the cement and meal industry, we find the bulk storage silos with a capacity of up to 90.000 – 100.000 Ton. MSFPA S.A. has often stood out in the development of these kinds of silos.

Either in reinforced or prestressed concrete, in steel sheet solution or even with inflated sheet and grouted concrete technology, the range of silos designed and brought into operation by this company is extensive: for all types of stored materials, with the strict functional requirements for food products, complying with the specialized technologies required for potentially explosive materials and even extraordinary thermal effects of bulks and powdery materials at high temperatures.

Likewise, unique solutions have been designed for functional modifications and modernization of the aeration systems and emptying of existing silos, either with new types of inverted steel cones or with precast concrete elements, optimizing the time and cost required by these types of delicate works, usually developed with the installation in production mode and inside old tanks or obsolete cement silos.